Yasmin Seweid Did Not Deserve to Be Alone When It Happened
Joel Leon.

Thank you, Joel, for putting into words what many of us feel, though I feel it from a different (i.e. privileged) perspective. I am sickened and enraged on the daily about the hate that has erupted over the last few months. Hate that is naked and bold and feels perfectly okay to be INYOURFACE if it chooses because after all it has been legitimized. It isn’t as though Black and Brown people haven’t known this all along, haven’t pointed it out all along and yes I know have always known there is no equality in this country. That word is a fucking joke in the context of the good ole USofA. But what we are seeing now is a darker, uglier, meaner version of America. Or maybe it really was there, festering like a wound, aching to burst and it’s now ruptured and its ugly poison is spreading and infecting and infesting more people.

I don’t know. I don’t know. I look I do and when I see bullshit and meanness and it’snot often where I live thank god I do say something. Maybe that should be the interpretation of homeland security’s ‘see something, say something’: if you see ugly if you see hate if you see cruelty step the fuck up.

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