How a Commonsense Public Health Program Helped Me Choose the Best Birth Control for Me
Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Thank you, M., for sharing your story! I too chose to have an abortion and I have not one regret, though I am much older then you and the mother of a teen daughter (who is on birth control).

I’m sick to damn death of right wing religious zealots trying to dictate to women what they can and cannot do — and even more sick of politicians who make WOMEN’S health care a cheap political talking point. Too many women in this country are left vulnerable to illness, chronic STDs, breast cancer, unwanted pregnancy, etc. because a few powerful politicos have decided to attack Planned Parenthood. It is cruel and myopic to cut funding to PP, when so many of its services are provided to poor, vulnerable, underrepresented, and young women.

I am happy you are standing up to say: Enough is Enough.

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