Heather, I’m sorry I hate this story…
Camille Wilkinson

There are things I wish had never happened. But there are other experiences, awful ones, that I now am ‘grateful’ for, inasmuch as I am stronger than I know. And I have empathy and compassion that I think are some of the best parts of me.

I am profoundly grateful that my Mom fell in love and was so happy for her last too short 10 years. She deserved it, she really did.

Some have wondered how I can have such love for my Mom. But she had her own demons. And she really did change. She never directly said she was sorry, but she made amends, frequently sending me cards telling me how wonderful she thought I was. I’ll be writing more about that next week, on what would have been her 76th birthday.

You are a beautiful soul, Camille.

Hugs, Heather

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