Middling feelings about President Trump

If you are reading this the odds are you feel strongly about President Trump, one way or the other. But not everyone does.

Thanks to SurveyMonkey for releasing full crosstabs each week, we can look at who has “middling” feelings about the president.

Middling feelings, meaning those who only “somewhat” approve or disapprove, can come from a conflicted mix of opinion or from disengagement.

Disengagement seems the best story among those who are not registered to vote, among whom 45% are middling vs 29% among RVs.

Age is one of the stronger (with education) predictors of turnout, but may also reflect different preferences. But the young are more likely to have middling views of Trump while the old are less middling than average.

Partisans have sharply different preferences, but the differences between Rep, Lean Rep and Ind show sharp rise in middling views. Among Dems it is the lean Dem with the strongest views, while stronger Dems are a little more mixed. It is striking that Reps have more mixed feelings about Trump while Dems are stronger in their views in opposition.

While the level of support for the president will matter a lot, these differences in middling views show a lot of people are not yet set.