TRXMarket AMA with Dendorion, Project Manager of CryptoVEGAS

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TRXMarket presents a series of AMAs (Ask Me Anything) in our Official Telegram Community(, to build a closer relationship between project and the community. Join us and ask anything you want to know!

The fourth episode of AMA series was with Dendorion, project manager of CryptoVEGAS.

Dendorion: Hey everyone!

TRXMan: Welcome to the community! Are you ready for the AMA?

Dendorion: I’m ready whenever you are.

TRXMan: Before the AMA, could you make a brief intro of yourself and your project?

Dendorion: Sure can do, first I want to thank you for having us! My name is Dendorion, I’m 30 and live in the Netherlands. And currently I am one of the Project Managers at Together with our team we try to keep innovating our platform to give our users the BEST gambling experience.

TRXMan: Welcome to your home :)

Dendorion: is a multichain gaming platform. Currently we are featured on 3 chains naming TRX/IOST/ONT. We are now providing 10 different games to our Tron community. DICE/ROULETTE/SKYROCKET/SPIN/TRADEWAR/POKER/MINES/DT/DIGIX and our latest feature SLOTS. Slowly but surely these games will also be introduced to our other platforms. Each platform has its own native token, which can be mined and staked to gain daily dividends. Our first platform started back in December, and ever since we have received great support from the tron community. Surely can’t wait for the questions they had for us !

TRXMan: Nice to meet you Dendorion! Now I will ask you some questions from the community that our users really want to know

Dendorion: Thanks nice to meet you too!Sure fire them on

TRXMan: Let’s start with the first question. Q1: Since Casino and Gaming Platforms are all around the Blockchain, what is your edge amongst all of them (competitors)?

Dendorion: We offer a low house edge on our games and try to provide a fair gambling experience to our users. The tron community has been betrayed to much and people deserve a fair place to play. Thus we try to be as transparent and communicative to our community as can be. As our platform is featured on multiple chains users can also accumulate 3x the dividends providing them an steady daily income.

TRXMan: Wow 3× dividends

Dendorion: Yes and we do expect to expand to even more chains by years end. So it only benefits our players.

TRXMan: Nice to hear that ! Are you ready for the second question?

Dendorion: Yes I am

TRXMan: Q2: what is the most interesting feature of tron vegas?

Dendorion: We actually have many interesting features ! This question is also a bit to the likes of the player , we offer a wide variety of games to everyone’s liking .We also do have a burning feature on tron a total of 1,123,441 VCOIN has been burned already ! And of course there are many nice features on the horizon which I can’t disclose yet .

TRXMan: Yes burning is a great feature for the token holders!

Dendorion: It is and we have plenty to burn. Our current supply is little under 200 M VCOIN.

We do expect to at least burn it down to 100M on the long term

TRXMan: Oh that is hot. Now let’s move on the 3rd question. Q3: There are a lot of online dapps going on how would you maintain its standard that it will last and become successful?

Dendorion: By not slowing down and keep innovating to bring a better expierence to our players. Listening to your community is one of the key factors of succes and we will continue to do so! You guys are the players who make the community so who is better to provide us feedback? We have been working hard past months to improve many things on our platform as well as releasing a new landing page and several new games. And we will keep doing so for the years to come.

TRXMan: I think question 4 has some interest from your daily players. Q4: Are you planing live games?

Dendorion: We don’t intend to have live games in the near future, but we surely don’t rule out the possibility .

TRXMan: Good ! Q5: What do you think of the volatility in the cryptomarket influences you in the casino business?

Dendorion: Volatility always influences an company either in an good or a bad way. Our company was founded back in December. So we have been surviving the waves of volatility for 8 months already. And we are confident enough to say we have built an strong enough foundation to last.

TRXMan: Yes agree, the projects which survive during the bear market are strong projects

Dendorion: Exactly, and boy we are having some bear market!

TRXMan: Now question 6 is interesting too. Q6: Will CryptoVegas only focus on games or will it expand to other areas someday?

Dendorion: For the moment our main focus is games and improving our platforms. But with the release of our new landing page this certainly has opened up new future possibilities. More I can’t say on this at this moment as we are still exploring .

TRXMan: Keep exploring for the better. Q7: What is the benefit for the investor?

Dendorion: There are several benefits by investing in us by staking our platforms coin you receive daily dividends. 50% of the dividends are payed out on all our platforms each day. The remaining 50% is taken into the next round. We also do offer daily leaderboard rewards and a dice and slots jackpot there is enough to gain for everyone. And like I just mentioned our new landing page has opened up new possibilities , so we are always looking to add additional income for our players .

TRXMan: Q8: Do you plan to launch an app?

Dendorion: For the moment we do not intend to release an app. But I can surely see this happen in the distant future.

TRXMan: It must be a great update. Now with the question number 9! Q9: What are your major changes and upcoming plans this year?

Dendorion: We do still have some tricks left for this year. Our brand will expand to more chains and new games will be developed and added to our platforms. Optimization on the current games and platforms also never stops. Vegas never stops…

TRXMan: Are you ready for the last question?

Dendorion: Wow time flies! Yes sure I am

TRXMan: Q10: How do you see your project 5 years from now? There’s so many project that won’t last. Do you think you can survive among the competition?

Dendorion: In 5 years we see CryptoVegas as an established brand inside the crypto gaming business we will cover all mayor chains. Yes we do believe we will survive. We are around for 8 months now and are confident the foundation we have layed will survive. CryptoVegas they won’t get rid of that easy we keep moving forward!

TRXMan: Nice! It was pleasure to talk with you Dendorion! Now let’s see if anyone likes to add a question. Feel free to ask him guys

Dendorion: Thank you. Great questions thanks everyone for sending them in

User: Why I should choose CryptoVEGAS ?

Dendorion: Like mentioned in the AMA , we are currently featured on 3 chains . Giving you the possibility to gain daily dividends from 3 sources. We do intend to strengthen our brand so everyone will get to know us. Fairplay is highly needed among the many casinos. We offer people a fair place to play their games and constantly keep adding more new and better features.

User: currently there is 1 slot available… Are you planning to have more?

Dendorion: Yes there will certainly be more slot games

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