TRON (TRX) is coming to Poloniex soon

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We are pleased to announce that TRON (TRX) is coming to Poloniex soon. Customers will be able to post limit orders for TRX/BTC, TRX/USDT and TRX/USDC pairs on 2019/11/12 at 15:00 UTC (“Post-only” mode). Full trading of TRX will be enabled shortly after this date. Be on the look-out for TRX deposits and withdrawals to be enabled in the coming days.

To celebrate the launch of TRX on Poloniex, we are also announcing the launch of the TRON Hurricane! campaign, where customers that deposit TRX into Poloniex have the opportunity to earn up to 60% APR rewards and participate in a net deposit competition. The campaign will start on 2019/11/11 at 22:00 UTC as deposits and withdrawals are enabled for TRX. We will provide more information about the TRON Hurricane! campaign soon.

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我们很高兴宣布TRON(TRX)即将上线Poloniex。 2019年11月12日06:00(香港时间)TRX充值和提现功能上线。 2019年11月12日23:00(香港时间)将上线3个交易对:TRX / BTC,TRX / USDT和TRX / USDC。上线后用户将仅限提交限价单,并将尽快启用TRX的完整交易。

为庆祝TRX在Poloniex上线,我们将举行TRON Hurricane活动! 活动开始后,将TRX存入Poloniex的用户将有机会获得高达年化率60%奖励并参加净充值竞赛。 该活动将从2019年11月12日06:00(香港时间)开始,同充值和提现上线。 我们即将会宣布更多关于本次活动的信息!敬请期待!

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