Having scars, having things that we remember that hurt us, that doesn’t make us broken.
When people tell you to “get over it”
Jon Westenberg 🌈

So true. Your scars make you a super hero. Scar tissue only covers healed wounds. The place never looks or feels exactly the same, and our (former) wounds change us. But you can’t just look at that spot on your knee, your face, your heart, and tell it to go away. My mother always (and still) insisted that we all just “get happy,” and brags about her own father saying that to her. I wouldn’t call her a happy person.

My younger child has a large scar across her abdomen from a surgery that saved her life the day after her birth. My mother always tells me to cover it, apply creams to it. She finds it ugly. But I don’t. And I hope that my daughter ultimately takes pride in that scar. I certainly do.

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