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With PolyPad’s launch being only a few days away, we’re following from our FAQ article, and thus providing a detailed guide on how to swap TRONPAD and/or KCCPAD tokens for POLYPAD tokens.

Note: the only way to get POLYPAD tokens is by swapping TRONPAD and/or KCCPAD tokens.

It is worth noting that the TRONPAD + KCCPAD tokens swapped for POLYPAD tokens will be permanently locked, thus removing them from circulation. However, TRONPAD and KCCPAD tokens can still be bought and swapped to POLYPAD tokens at any time.

How to swap TRONPAD/KCCPAD tokens for POLYPAD?

As explained in this article, PolyPad is a merge between TronPad and KCCPad platforms, the tokens of which will become obsolete. It is therefore imperative that token holders read this guide to learn how to benefit from this merge, and continue taking advantage of an ever expanding ecosystem — the Polygon blockchain.

Swapping TRONPAD/KCCPAD tokens for POLYPAD is a process that can be summarised in three rather simple steps:

  1. Add Polygon network to the wallet
  2. Bridge the TRONPAD/KCCPAD tokens from BSC over to Polygon
  3. Perform the TRONPAD/KCCPAD to POLYPAD swap

Each of these steps will be described in more details, and without further ado let us begin!

Note: for illustration purposes, we are using (and also recommend) the MetaMask wallet. To proceed with this guide, please ensure you hold your TRONPAD/KCCPAD tokens in MetaMask.

1: Add Polygon network to your wallet

Setting up the Polygon network in your MetaMask wallet is simple. There are two ways you can do this.

a) Manual option: to add the network manually, open MetaMask > Settings > Network > Add Network and fill in the required fields.

Note: for more information on this, please read the official Polygon document here.

Polygon network details to be added as below.

b) Automatic option: to add Polygon automatically, visit this page https://tokenmagic.app/#/ and select the corresponding network. What this will do is fill in the information in the required fields automatically.

2: Bridge the TRONPAD/KCCPAD tokens from BSC over to Polygon

Before starting the bridging process from BSC to Polygon, please ensure that both TRONPAD and KCCPAD are on BSC. If you need to do this, please follow the respective bridges. To bridge your TRONPAD from TRON to BSC use this bridge and to bridge your KCCPAD tokens from KCC to BSC use this bridge.

Now, assuming that TRONPAD/KCCPAD tokens are on BSC, we’ll proceed with the steps required to swap them onto Polygon. Below, we illustrate how to do this for TRONPAD but the equivalent steps apply to KCCPAD also.

Step a): Visit the bridge webpage: https://bridge.polypad.com/ and connect your wallet.

Note: to do this, ensure your MetaMask wallet is connected to BSC, and that you have some small amount of BNB to pay for the transaction fees.

Step b): Next, select the asset from the asset list. In this case we’ll select “TRONPAD”. Then ensure your swap is from BSC -> Polygon as shown below, follow by entering the amount of TRONPAD tokens you want to swap (you can also hit the ‘’MAX’’ button) and when ready hit the ‘’SWAP’’ button.

Step c): A pop-up window will then appear asking you to confirm the swap.

You’ll then be asked to approve two transactions.

The second transaction is the actual swap transaction.

Once this has been submitted, a new window will appear like the one below.

After a few minutes this pop-up window will change to confirm the successful transaction.

You can also verify the swapped tokens from the wallet directly. All you need to do is switch your wallet to Polygon and make sure you add TRONPAD’s address on Polygon: 0x1c1817299C00791B52D00651e280Af73E8BD61c3, and KCCPAD’s address on Polygon: 0x78B76cF640442a36858DF50845e42C66cF419F38) and voila! You have now bridged TRONPAD/KCCPAD tokens and are now available on Polygon.

3: Perform the TRONPAD/KCCPAD to POLYPAD swap

To swap TRONPAD> POLYPAD use this link: https://token-swaps.com/polygon/0xee674715428c8558DAdbA940bF2735495197e4D1

To swap KCCPAD > POLYPAD use this link: https://token-swaps.com/polygon/0xB8f39673aA14d7dEEc11f67Dd228950895Bf4793

Once the corresponding link is chosen, connect to your MetaMask wallet, and follow the on-screen instructions.

The corresponding tokens need to be approved for spending on Polygon. To do this, click on ‘Enable TRONPAD/KCCPAD’ button which will prompt you to confirm the transaction.

Note: ensure your wallet is on the Polygon network and that you have some MATIC in your wallet to pay for the transaction fees.

Enable TRONPAD tokens.
Enable KCCPAD tokens.

Note: in order to reduce waiting time and avoid failed transactions, we recommend you edit the transaction fee to ‘High’.

To learn how to do this, please check out the video below.

For the written instructions on how to edit the gas fee to ‘High’ please follow the steps below.

Step a): When the transaction opens in your wallet, and is requesting approval, click on the ‘’Edit’ button as shown.

Step b): Next, a screen similar to the one below will be shown, then click on “Edit suggested gas fee”.

Step c): This opens a new window similar to the one shown below, there ensure you select the ‘High’ fee. You know this has been selected as it will be shown with a blue dot. Hit the ‘Save’ button and proceed to confirm the transaction.

You have now successfully set a higher transaction fee which will reduce waiting time and the chance of failed transactions.

Note: even with setting the gas fee to ‘’High’’ the overall cost will still be very small of a few cents, thanks to Polygon network running on an economic proof-of-stake model.

Now, that the tokens have been approved, you’re able to perform the swap. The swap rates are different for each token, and it is as follows:

  • 1 TRONPAD = 0.75 POLYPAD
  • 1 KCCPAD = 1.25 POLYPAD

To swap the tokens, click on the ‘Swap’ button. As before, this will open a new transaction to approve in your wallet. Please proceed with this transaction approval in a similar way as before, where you edited the suggested gas fee to “High” (for details see above).

Swap TRONPAD for POLYPAD tokens.
Swap KCCPAD for POLYPAD tokens.

After a few minutes of waiting, the transaction should complete successfully and the swapped tokens appear as POLYPAD tokens. To view the equivalent of the tokens swapped at the given rates, please ensure you add the POLYPAD token address: 0x8AE619D633cCe175A2fBcfA1cEA119DDC80F1342. That’s it! You’re now able to swap your TRONPAD/KCCPAD tokens for POLYPAD.

For more information on PolyPad, read the FAQs, and stay tuned to our socials:

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