​Best Bass Lures for Ponds

Md Nur Nobi
Jun 18 · 3 min read

​Pond fishing for bass can be some of the best fishing you ever do. The best bass lures for ponds are not that dissimilar to what you would normally use on a natural lake.

​The major difference between fishing for bass in ponds and lakes is not really in the lures more so in how you fish them.

You need to stay as low as possible so as not to spook the bass. Ponds are small and ideally you can hide or camouflage yourself in the pond side vegetation.

Working the lures along lily pads and large weed pads is the best way to catch bass in a pond.

​Best Bass Lures for Ponds

​1. Soft Plastic Worms

​Small plastic worms are probably the best choice for bass fishing in ponds.

They can be fished on either spinning or baitcasting tackle and are usually used with either a wacky rig, Texas rig or a drop shot rig.

They range in size from 4 inches all the way up to 10 inches in length.

Worms can be worked slowly across the bottom. The key here is slowly as you are trying to imitate a natural worm wriggling around in the water.

​2. Jigs

​Jigs require a bit more work than when fishing with worms. There are lots of different sizes and weights.

You can get painted and unpainted jig heads too, the choices are almost endless.

The jigs are cast out into open water or worked along some kind of structure such as lily beds or submerged logs.

The rod tip is then twitch so as to put some life into the jig. Without this twitching the jig will be almost lifeless.

​The tackle needed for jigs will be a fast action rod as you need to feel a lot of feedback through the rod and line.

A slow action will dull that feedback considerably. The size of jig will deend on the kind of water you are fishing.

​3. Spinnerbaits

​Spinnerbaits have grown in popularity in recent years even on smaller waters such as ponds. There is a massive selection of them available.

There are may different types of blades and skirt combinations.

Personally I always start off using the smallest spinnerbait in my tackle box when fishing a new pond.

Starting out with the smallest bait means you are less likely to spook the bass who may not be used to seeing such odd looking lures.

​4. Crankbaits

​Crankbaits are lots of fun. The represent small baitfish, shad or minnows that may live in the pond naturally.

At certain times of the year bass will gorge themselves on shad. This is when you start throwing crankbaits.

Again start with the smaller versions as a test. You should vary your retrieval rate as you fish them.

Working them in and around natural structures at different speeds.

Crankbaits let you cover a lot of water quickly. Also try to vary your casts in a fan like pattern to over as much of the surface as possible.

​5. Topwater Lures

​Topwater lures such a chuggers and poppers are extremely good at catching bass in ponds.

Topwater frogs however are the absolute best bass lures for ponds. In the summer when bass are feeding in the shallows they will happily strike hard at a plastic frog lure.

Nothing is more fun than having a bass smash it’s way up from the depths to hit a frog lure on the surface.

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