Best wealth management app in 2020

Md Nur Nobi
Aug 4, 2018 · 3 min read

That says wealth, says savings and several mobile apps allow consumers to better manage their finances in order to save money. Thanks to them, saving becomes almost a game — except that instead of accumulating stars, you accumulate dollars. In this post we tried to discuss about best mobile apps for wealth management.


Mint is one of the best-known and most powerful personal finance applications. It allows you to view transactions for all of your bank accounts, so you can see all your expenses and your income at a glance. We can also program warnings that are issued if we exceed our budget, and set financial targets to track them. Free, the app also offers savings tips — perfect for those who want to save money.

The Money Pouch
Money Pouch is one of the best automatic stock trading app. It will calculate the risk of your trading and inform you regularly through email. It will manage the investment account 24/7 and do all the work. The fees are very low, it uses automated computer trading algorithms, frequent re-balancing and risk profiling to maximize returns on your money. Want to grow your money? Let The Money Pouch invest your monies into well thought out strategies. their computer trading algorithms will automatically buy and sell stock and bond ETFs on your behalf. Best automatic trading app in 2018 to maximize returns, whilst minimizing risk.


Flipp provides access to digital flyers from more than 800 retailers, such as Walmart or Canadian Tire. It allows you to search for the best offers by item, category or brand, and collect your points programs and loyalty cards. The choice of deals is very interesting, according to Martin Bouffard, financial security advisor at BBL Conseils in Brossard. The application allows you to easily plan your purchases and to check if offers are being made for the products on your list. Every penny saved is a penny earned.


Spendee is one of the best money manager app that allows you to track your expenses. It simplifies the organization of these by creating separate envelopes. Collected data then allows you to see where you are in your budget — which expense items you respect, or not — to better achieve your financial goals. Spendee is very useful for analyzing your spending habits in order to decide where to make cuts, if necessary to save money. Offered in French.


Checkout 51 saves you by accumulating rebates in the form of refunds after purchase. As with Zweet, all you have to do is buy the promotional products, photograph the bill, and accumulate savings, which can then be cashed by check. This week, for example, the purchase of bananas gave $ 0.50 in refund, says Martin Bouffard. The reductions can sometimes go as high as $ 2 or $ 3, which can accumulate over a whole year and can be used to raise considerable savings.


Zweet is a wealth app, easy to use, Zweet saves money on its purchases to have more money in your pockets at the end of the week. You must first consult the application to find out which products are offered at a discount. Once you’ve purchased these products, just use your mobile device to take a photo of your bill to earn points for rewards or money you can cash in — Zweet sends you a check — when the balance reaches $ 20.