The 4 strengths of the blockchain for artificial intelligence

Md Nur Nobi
Aug 8, 2018 · 2 min read

Blockchain is a blockchain that allows data to be stored and transmitted securely and without the use of intermediaries or control devices. Current applications of artificial intelligence are far from representations of popular culture. Much remains to be done but the blockchain could be a strong ally to accelerate its development. Best blockchain A.I. Concept quickly explains in four points.

1 — Data for all via blockchain
To be able to train, work, improve, function, artificial intelligence algorithms need to feed countless data. However, only companies with a considerable number of users like Facebook and Google are able to hold enough to exploit them.

The blockchain will allow smaller businesses to easily access massive amounts of data and ultimately develop services based on artificial intelligence. Indeed, data marketplaces based on blockchain technology are already under development. Everyone (you, me, your baker) will be able to store their data securely, and then manage access and sale to companies that would like to buy them. Your data will be protected, monetized and above all you will have control.

2 — Decentralize artificial intelligence
Imagine a future with superpowerful artificial intelligences at the hands of private companiesa.

Thanks to the blockchain it is possible — as for bitcoin ?- to set up a system of decentralized governance. Imagine an artificial intelligence that would be owned by the individuals participating in the network. Very complex to put in place, but we are still at the very beginning ..

3 — Have confidence in the decisions of the artificial intelligence
An artificial intelligence can have great responsibilities. Especially when it is launched at 70 km / h on a country road. It must therefore be ensured that its decisions have been taken for good reasons (before placing on the market preferably).

To achieve this, the blockchain will be able to record all the data and variables handled by the AIs during decision-making processes. This will facilitate the audit of this process but above all will create confidence. The blockchain is incorruptible, so it will be possible to ensure that the audit has not been tampered with and that the AI ??is working properly.

4 — Secure artificial intelligence
The blockchain is a decentralized and incorruptible database. The data that artificial intelligence will use will not be stored in one place in the event of a crisis or natural disaster. In addition, piracy will become very complex. The data set and therefore the decision-making of the IA will be much less vulnerable to corruption.