Electric Bikes cruise into the future

Start-ups to long-standing automotive designers are embracing electric energy for green savings in bicycles for the future of transportation around the globe. The TechInsider lists a forecast from Navigant Research that global sales will be 40 million bicycles in 2023.

The Spezi 2016 bike show will open for the twenty-first time this Saturday in Rhineland Germersheim, Germany, for two days of exhibits. Participants will show recumbent tricycles, quadracycles, folding cycles, tandems, family cycles, transporters, electrical bikes, special needs bikes, adult kick scooters, child and load trailers, customized designs and accessories.

The BamBuk entrepreneurs will be showing their e-trike tandem. They provide an electric motor with a lithium-ion battery and a control unit. The ergonomically designed tandumtrike and new singe model will be displayed.

The story behind the development of BamBuk began when Franz Benz’s wife from a small village in Sasbachreid, Germany was unable to use a 2-Wheel bike. Franz, a very talented mechanic decided to build a stable and comfortable tandem trike for his wife. After its initial development eight years ago, a single-piece trike was developed by Franz and his partner, CEO BamBuk Anton Simonov.

A new BamBuk model, the PedelecMobil, will debut at the special bike show in Germersheim on Saturday. It is a new type of vehicle between a car and a bike in its start-up phase with potential for substitution of a car allowing 10–30 km per day. The new trike features fold-up advantage for easy transport and storage.

The Bambuk trikes and its new entry are designed with comfort in mind and utilize ergonomic design in their features allowing for individual adjustment. Their website provides video and pictures of the trikes. Bambuk is currently available through partner dealers in Germany and Paris. The plan will be to extend through Europe and globally. It is the future of green energy savings and transportation.

The GiFly bike, also, folds for easy storage and can utilize a USB port for the muti-tasking rider to charge a smartphone while cycling. It can travel at 15 mph up to forty miles a charge.

The GenZe bike created in Silicon Valley is Michigan manufactured in Motor City USA. It provides various models and sizes as a scooter or bike and values its emission free commitment and future of electric transportation. The options allow from children to adults to choose a size and model.

You may find a flashy model from FLUX electric bike which has the same high capacity Panasonic battery as the Tesla Model S electric car. The FLUX electric bike has a smooth, as well as powerful ride on a lightweight rugged structure. It has 5 models of choice so you can exercise or not when riding. In favor of e-bike, its future outlook is impressive; studies show that the energy conscious rider uses the e-bike 80 percent more often and travels an impressive twice as far than on regular bikes.

Originally published at www.examiner.com on April 19, 2016.

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