You Do Not Have To Be Patriotic! (And Other Fun Takeaways from the Kaepernick Kerfuffle)
Nathan Rabin

I didn’t want your twinkly snarky smarm to go past without reminding you that today America is under real attack from Moslems, third-worlders, China, Russia, liberals and our own American blacks who blame ‘America’ for what ‘the democrat Party’ has done to them.

What would’ve been a delightful intellectual meander in better days today is merely the work of the enemy.

Anything you say and do which doesn’t promote that it’s good to have a country which grants every individual recognition and protects each’s personal fiefdom is working toward the destruction of such.

After you change your panties (giggling causes draining) you might decide if humanity is more important than your amoebic reputation, and stop spitting on the boys of Omaha and Okinawa beach.

(NICE art work! wasted)

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