On Your Way to the Camps, I Just Want You to Know…
Aaron Loeb

Poor little poopie…still believing the liberal lie…and spreading your own!

You innocents warned us of Reagan’s election, how he’d have his bible belters looking in our bedroom windows! Except they never did.

Now you work overtime to show ‘him’ as a Nazi. A national socialist, that is. (This is bigotry. You liberals lie about people you don’t know, spreading the stereotypes about conservatives that the democrat Party has lived on since before you were born. You are bigots and stereotypers.)

Everything you blame on ‘America’ is the fault of ‘the democrat Party,’ but you’ll go to your grave just sure they’re the good guys.

The democrat Party is an organized crime racket. Take your simpering little snark about how you didn’t know not voting for hildebeast and her lifelong ambition to be prez (a la LBJ re: Caro) would turn all non-white males into holocaustian Dickens characters, and throw it on the socialist bonfire you’ve made of our Constitution.

God you liberals are jerks.

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