I (used to) Love Guns
tyler page

‘research shows fewer guns means fewer gun deaths’ is a pointless statement: fewer cars means fewer car deaths, etc.

the point of gun ownership isn’t guns. it isn’t owning guns. it isn’t shooting guns. it’s giving the young male democrats a reason to think a second time about invading your home. will it be a man-child’s playground? or Omaha Beach.

in fact, these young barbarians are the product of the democrats’ utopia, and after creating these monsters, you liberals don’t want to let us defend ourselves from them.

does the world look at us as you say? an article in Pravda one or two years ago literally begged Americans not to waive away the Second Amendment, saying that the whole of humanity looked upon us as the last people respected by their government. seemed mighty worked up about it.

lagniappe: a revolver in the hand is the only device on earth that will save that young single mother and her children from those two democrats.

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