If you have pictures like this on your phone you have a six year old kid and I have the solution.

How many times have you noticed your memory is running low or you are scrolling through your pictures and you see nine like the one above or worse, a two minute video from your ipads point of view of it as an X wing fighter flying through your house seemingly in a battle with the empire, sound effects of a laser canon blasting your laundry pile with a beat box that is your six year old banging out the theme tune to Star Wars.

If you are nodding you know exactly what I mean, you have a 2–6 year old and I have your solution.

Let us be clear, you already have a passcode on your device and your aforementioned kid hasn’t figured it out or brow beaten you into revealing it with screaming fit when you need to make a call or finish an errand. You are still nodding aren’t you.

If they had the passcode you would have fewer crazy pictures and less mini feature films as they would forego that option and head straight to Netflix or the games that you have tried to hide in a folder. You are still nodding!

So the solution is this. Assuming you are going to negligently leave your device in plain sight, buried under paperwork or hidden beneath a cushion (yes that is in plain sight to a six year old), all you need to do is a hard reset. Power button plus home button.

This will have three effects. The nice big white shiny apple will appear for a moment, the glitches that seem to have been impacting you recently will stop happening for a while however, most importantly the camera will be disabled until the passcode is input. Are you smiling now?

There are a couple of downsides. You might miss those cute diagonal pictures of your trash can or your buttock as you are getting out of the shower. Those mini movies will be gold a few short years fom now when your kid is a teenager and doesn’t talk to you.

It is ok, you can refrain from doing the hard reset occasionally you never know when the coffee cup might be starting a new imperial assault which needs to be squashed by your rebel ipad.

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