Ha. Another solid piece by the Ringer.
Larry Biglong

I realize you are trying to build up your readership at straighthoops, but I recommend fixing the site layout before you post any more links on here or other places. It’s looking very 90’s web right now. A few tips:

  1. Drop the gradient background, all-white is never a bad choice. If you do use a color, make sure it’s soft, you want it to fade into the background, not distract from the content on the page.
  2. Don’t over-use drop shadows, especially with images and especially don’t put them around the entire image. Shadows don’t work that way and it looks janky. Good uses for drop shadows are if you have fixed, floating panels that stay in place as you scroll, shadows make sense in this context as the panel is “above” the rest of the site.
  3. Don’t use a bezel for anything. Flat styling is in for a reason.
  4. Put a box around your title instead of having it floating on the background, you could also take a page from the Ringer’s styling and have a titlebar at the top that is a different color from the rest of your background and includes your site navigation. Or you could go the same route as wired.com and have the title and site nav stay fixed at the top as you scroll down.
  5. Make your article titles a different font from the main body.
  6. Increase the font size in the main body of your articles, small font is hard to read, especially on a computer screen. Also increase the space between lines, it’s really tiring to read the text when it’s all crammed together like it currently is.
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