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Hello everyone,

Today was a very fun day! Today I went to an amusement park with my friends!

In the amusement park we went on a lot of rides like the: Bumper Cars, spinning karts and more…

We also tried out the box which has toys inside it and you have to pay money and then working with the grabber you have to try grabbing a toy.

We played a lot running, screaming and enjoying!

Then my mom bought everyone softies! The softies were delicious!

After coming out we went to a park to play, at the park we played on the bars, on the spinning bench and we also played catcher!

It was so much fun!


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Hi everyone,

Today I will tell you a recipe about one of my favourite sweets, which is sugar-free!

So whenever I feel to eat something sweet I always drink this sugar- free strawberry milkshake!

To make the milkshakes you need:

:4–5 strawberries

: 1 cup of milk

then the machines:

: A mixer

: Knife

So first of all you should chop those 4- 5 strawberries and put them in a mixer then you pour one cup of milk in the mixer and mix it.

In 5–10 seconds later your strawberry milkshake is ready!

Then you pour it in a glass and ENJOY!

Hope you liked the recipe

Write in the comments how was the milkshake

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Hi everyone, today i´ll tell you about my oponion for reading. For me reading is the best thing on earth, reading makes me drown in the books and I feel like i´m in the book. If I feel sad I read, after reading I get calm and start feeling better…



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Hi everyone,

How are you i´m great and today i´ll tell you about my trip to Munich!

So I went with my mom to Münich it was so much fun, my mom was able to connect because early she lived in Münich for 1 year. I quite enjoyed having a look at my mum´s old house in münich it was quite fun!

In Münich we went to a toy shop. The toy shop was gigantic and it had so many toys!

In münich there is a clock and the clock has these nights and I think elfs that twirl around making sweet music. It is so cool and great, you should definately go to Münich once.

Tell me in the comments how you liked the blog, di you ever go to Münich and what else do you think of Münich!?

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Ponytail Stories

Ponytail Stories

I am a 10 year old girl who loves writing stories and books I want to share my ideas with the world so I´m starting to write blogs!