The End of an Era.

What have I been doing for the last 3 months?

Well, to start with I’ve pretty much had no social life as my textbooks, pens and note pads have been my best friends; sad I know — but it was exam season. Exam season was only a month, though it did feel like a hell of a lot longer, but the other two months i spent preparing for the dreadful months of May/June. Fun, fun, fun.

Now, a lot of people are asking me how my exams went? Well in all honesty, the exams themselves were actually okay but the experience as a whole, that was challenging. I think at my age anyway I found the whole experience partially challenging because I’ve never experienced anything like it; the stress, late nights, exhaustion and all the other baggage that comes along with taking your GCSEs. It’s a lot to deal with, especially when you have to take 27 exams like me — So yes, this was probably the biggest mountain I’ve ever climbed so far in my educational path.

So, it’s safe to say these probably have been the longest 3 months of my life, but at the same time finishing all the exams is sad in way, ( I don’t mean that as in I’m going to miss doing exams, because I’m not) because it means you’ve come to the end of your secondary school journey and finished Year 11. Finishing year 11 means, I will no longer have to wear uniform anymore — that’s sad considering I’ve been wearing it since I was in year 1 so it really makes you feel like your’e growing up. Finishing year 11 also means, the end of school journey with some of your friends as some of them will leave and go onto new schools — that’s sad. And the end of year 11 means, you will never had to do certain subjects ever again — I guess that’s not that sad, although I will miss some of my classes and the banter we all shared. But my point is, when you finish that last exam and the invigilators tell you to put your pens down because your time is up, that’s it; a whole chapter in your life is finished.

How does this make me feel: sad? Excited? I guess it makes me feel both. The whole prospect of starting a new journey and going into 6th form is exciting because it’s going to be a whole new lifestyle. But, at the same time it’s sad because it feels like just yesterday that I started year 7 and my brother was dropping me off for my first day of school.

So, as a whole the journey of exams and secondary school has been a roller coaster of smiles, laughter, tears and arguments. But, I’m excited to see what 6th form and next year has in store me for me. Until then I have 10 weeks to catch up on my sleep, soak up the rays and enjoy possibly the best summer I’m ever going to have.

Bring on summer 2015.

- PB