Momma’s Kitchen; Where Warm Memories are Created

I love creating food for family and friends to enjoy. Is there anything better than sharing a wonderful meal with the ones you love? It allows you to slow down, share conversation and create real connections. What can possibly feel better than that?

Over the past 3 plus decades I have been cooking and creating recipes. I have taught cooking classes as well as develop a food based business, selling fantastic items. All very rewarding, yet, my greatest reward comes from helping a friend or family member understand and create a recipe they have been having trouble making.

Nothing frustrates me more than reading published recipes that clearly to an experienced eye/pallet will not turn out. This leaves novice cooks and bakers feeling so defeated that many never attempt another meal or ‘”from scratch” recipe again and that to me is so disheartening.

I am blessed to be able to look at a recipe and know if it will result in a successful outcome or not; if not I know what to do to change it. My legacy to my sons is a collection of well written recipes, menus & holiday specialties that I know they will be able to recreate for their friends and family with confidence that they will get “moms’ results”.

So many of my greatest memories are around food. Making special dishes for family and friends, baking with my grandmother, and the most precious of all is baking and cooking with my boys as they grew up. They were in the kitchen with me as infants and every age on up.

My older son loved to create his own recipes starting at the age of 6. Not all were enjoyable, however I would never have not wanted to experience each and every one of them with him. Today his is not afraid to try any recipe he comes across.

My younger son enjoyed being in the kitchen as well, yet his greatest enjoyment came from playing with a mound of flour on the wood floor, that he could drive his cars and truck through. He could do this for hours.

The kitchen to me is a place of warm memories!