Don’t Count On It!

It would be nice if it actually worked.

I mean count them. 44, 56, 86, 71, and yesterday! Boy did I ever get pounded yesterday. 132!

132 bad emails. I’ve been receiving so many junk emails I can hardly find the good ones.

About the second week in December I started opening the emails just to click on the “unsubscribe” link you always find at the bottom.

Guess what? This doesn’t work or at least it hasn’t worked for me. I seem to receive more and more junk email. Sometimes the same email seven or eight times in a row.

Here is a short list of the kinds of emails I’m receiving:

Free Insurance

Blue Sky Auto

Veterans VA Loans

2017 Solar Rebates

Time Share 2017

Love Your Body Again

Ok so I’m wondering just what did I do to start receiving all of this junk email. Did I mention “Male Enhancement” or “Firmer Harder Erections”? No, I don’t need either of those. I’m only 66 and everything still works very well thank you!

I’ve stopped trying to “Unsubscribe” from anything. I have been clicking on “Junk” then sending them all to Microsoft as “My Friend’s Been Hacked”. So maybe something will come of that.

Probably not!

So if there is anyone out there in Medium Land that has any ideas please, please send them to me.