July 4 shooting at ‘Camplandia’ highlights size of, concerns about homeless population along Springwater Corridor

Poor for a Minute
Jul 8, 2016 · 8 min read
‘Crash Anarchy,’ a self-appointed spokesperson for the largest Springwater Corridor camp. Photo by Thacher Schmid.
A tent and carefully-tended garden in ‘Cartlandia,’ a.k.a. ‘The Fields,’ or ‘Headquarters,’ the largest camp along the Springwater Corridor. Photo by Thacher Schmid.
Jason, 24, said he witnessed a non-lethal shooting at ‘Camplandia’ July 4 that sent a man to OHSU Hospital. Photo by Thacher Schmid.
‘Mohawk,’ an ex-Army National Guardsman who lives at the center of ‘Cartlandia,’ shows his hands. Photo by Thacher Schmid.
Sam Blaga says a car accident started a series of events that led to him sleeping in a car along the Springwater Corridor. Photo by Thacher Schmid.
Doug Coleman says he has worked writing content for website ReadWrite. Photo by Thacher Schmid.

Poor for a Minute

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Poverty x Portland x Time. poorforaminute@gmail.com Portfolio: ThacherSchmid.com

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