Thoughts out of thin air

Standing on the kitchen door, she sipped her tea, thinking. Her face was serious with emotion. Thinking about the episode at home broke her little by little.
They doubted her..doubted her decision to take decisions for herself. She always felt as living in cage of others’ principles.. Others she cared about.
Thankfully, she did not live with them to witness her soul wither away with each passing day. There could only be one of the two propositions. Either she hurt them or she endured the pain herself. In both cases, she was the ultimate recipient of melancholy. Living away, her busy life masked her steady concerns of the impending disaster. She knew one day, it would all break apart.

Home is a comfortable place surrounding you with joy, peace and love. Home is where you are filled with a heart warming emotion of oneness. Your life is a smooth run if you feel real comfort at home. Sure there are a few dark days. But you only remember them on other dark days.
Home was not a familiar idea for her. She felt a kind of sickness.. restless nights and the urge to return to the same old routine every time she visited them.
Office was kinder. At least she knew that it was all a pretense. She could walk away from it if she wanted. Typing away meaninglessly, she got some kind of redemption for the four years of college education. Precious years of youth chasing a deluded copied dream.

She knew this would keep continuing. They wanted us to chase their version of a ‘good life’.

I know not of how to define a good life.
I only know that life should not be a series of compromises.
Do you remember how to live?

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