Mobile Marijuana? Why not.

Nowadays, you can’t escape it.

Of course I am talking about Marijuana. Weed. Ganga. The Reefer. Mary Jane. (The list of names goes on, but do feel free to list the ones you know in the comments section. I know there are some funny ones.)

It IS the mainstream. Artists flaunt it use on stage while most concert have clouds engulfing the venues. Celebrities, such as Snoop Dogg, use their status to promote their own brands of it. News cycles debate its legal implications for the public while governments calculate ways to regulate it. Business owners open store fronts and customers look for any way to get their hands on it.

Snoop Dogg promoting Leafs by Snoop.

How did we get here?

It used to be something that people just do. You either did or didn’t. Over time, it dug more underground, maybe due to the fact that criminal organizations made the proceeds and that funded illegal operations. Maybe that gave it an element of criminality by association, and started promoting the negative imagery around it. It also didn’t help when early films like the classic 1931 film Refer Madness portrayed smoking MJ as an act of lunacy.

Today, it ok to give in to vice. We eat, we drink, we party. What sets us apart from that era even more? Recognizing the medicinal uses of Marijuana. The science and benefits are well documented. Go ahead, google it.

So what does that mean for the healthcare system? What are we to expect as next steps?

As the Canadian government makes the necessary preparations to regulate its recreational use, it has already taken steps to regulate its medicinal uses across Canada: MMAR, MMPR, ACMPR.

Oh you don’t read legal jargon!?! Let me break it down for you.

This means that as a Canadian, you can see your doctor and he can recommend a course of treatment including Marijuana. It’s a limited prescription that sets the amount you can order and have (just like a Rx you get from a physician). Or you can grow it at home for yourself.

You take that recommendation and have to choose between 1 of 32 Licensed Canadian Producers of Marijuana (LP). You give up that recommendation in exchange to order from a specific vendor, much like you do with an Rx in a pharmacy.

What happens when the vendor is sold out of your favorite and you don’t want to wait for the next crop to finish growing? You need a new recommendation. Another 200$ and another exchange.

What happens when you want to order from a new LP vendor? You need a new recommendation. Another 200$ and another exchange.

Not feeling the vendor’s product line is the right fit for you? You need a new recommendation. Another 200$ and another exchange.

Starting to see a pattern?

The way the Canadian system has written the current MMMPR framework, the customer is stuck to the vendor, unable to transfer his recommendation from one vendor to another. Pharmacies don’t have this issue. They transfer between themselves all the time. In fact, its their legal obligation to, even though some like to play games with other pharmacists to avoid doing so (side note: PopRx encourages a strong network of transfers and community between pharmacies, so less games and better business practices).

We saw this as a problem and wanted to find ways to use what we learned with PopRx to help improve the MMJ community.

Herbsy. Your Marijuana Delivered.

Introducing Herbsy.

Herbsy is Canada’s first mobile MMJ and multi-producer ordering platform.

Download, sign-up, get a recommendation and get approved. Once approved, you are connected with a minimum of 3 LPs and have the ability to add LPs and product lines as you see fit.

How is that different from the current systems?

- Well for one it’s mobile. You can do all of it from your smartphone.

- You don’t pay for your recommendation. The first one is FREE.

- Just sign up and login to get connected and order from several strains if approved.

- Order and have it delivered.

- Don’t like the selected strains? Get a new recommendation and chose from new LPs.

It’s legal, safe and easy. What’s not to love about it.

Herbsy launches Fall 2016.

Signup here to be part of the first to order their marijuana through Herbsy.

Interested in partnering? We can always use more Licensed producers joining the mobile revolution. Write us at .