What are the top challenges facing digital audio in 2015? (Part one)

From shareability to iTunes alternatives, industry leaders voice opinions on what’s in store for audio this year (View part two)

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On shareability and discoverability

PJ Vogt, Reply All / Gimlet Media
Melody Kramer, NPR

“What about sharing audio as easily as we copy/paste text?”

–Lina Misitzis, Reply All / Gimlet Media

On publishing and distribution

— Jake Shapiro, PRX

“The biggest vacuum right now is curatorial. Radiotopia is trying to fill that vacuum as a brand, not just a business model. It’s a stamp of approval.”

— Nicholas Quah, HotPod newsletter
Matt Green, WBEZ

On metrics

“Podcast analytics through iTunes are pretty sucky. …It would be amazing to have a less iTunes-skewed picture of podcast stats.”

Jenn Brandel, Curious Nation

…Right now for people to know how successful their shit is, they have to go to 74 different screens, and at the end of the day it’s all still so relative — ‘Hey, we’re not Serial.’”

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