I leant back against the closed front door and gazed across the mountain of boxes and general chaos and knew ……. I was home! After living in South West London for, more years than I care to remember; I fell victim to the ‘grass is greener’ syndrome and made the move to the countryside……. Being fortunate enough to work from home and the flexibility that afforded me; I knew after just 7 months I had to escape FROM the country and get back to my beloved Putney

– and the seed of ‘Pop into Putney’ was sown.

I would like to share with you the joys, news, (occasional gossip) people and general fabulousness of this popular South West London district. Through the eyes of a local Putneyite and a small business owner, being based primarily at home; I know the importance of putting down the phone, stepping away from the laptop and Popping out!

Far and beyond the famous Boat Race; @theboatraces Putney has everything you could wish for and I am excited about taking you on my journey of rediscovery, ranging from the Saturday morning market @putneymarket and it’s intoxicating aromas, to where I find my caffeine fix in the abundance of independent cafes in the ever-growing coffee and now tea culture. As well as finding that perfect gift or where to spoil yourself at the selection of stylist and spa treatments.

I want to invite you to celebrate and support our local small businesses and boutiques in and around Putney, bringing you suggestions to combat the ‘stresses and strains’ with the copious diversity of exercise classes, and team sports. Or perhaps discovering the wide open spaces of Putney Heath and stunning Royal Parks @theroyalparks all on our doorstep. Not forgetting the abundance of culture, theatres and art galleries, restaurants, bars and all just ‘a hop and a skip’ or perhaps a tube, train and bus link away from the West End and City.

Today we are fortunate enough to be working more flexibly and spending a lot more of our working day from home, albeit running our own businesses, or basing our offices around our homes, this can be so rewarding, but is not oblivious to challenges and drawbacks. Alongside my assistant — Lillie (the Jackadoodle), we will be sharing all the hidden gems that we uncover, some aspirational words of wisdom from local entrepreneurs and suggestions to combat issues such as ‘Talking to the Wall’ and slouching over the laptop, to introducing networking opportunities, business and time saving ideas, bringing our community together to help each other and reasons to Pop into Putney.

Of course Putney is not an island and this leafy suburb is part of the colourful, diverse and energised capital of London so you can be assured that I will be keeping an eye on special events, details, news, views and openings, in this great metropolis as well as the local surrounding boroughs in this pocket of South West London.

All that remains to say is that I would love you to join me on my journey through

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And finally………Please let me know, what you want to know and if you like what you see please share Pop into Putney with friends, colleagues, family and stay tuned !

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