Starting out…

It’s tricky to figure out what to write here.

What parts of myself, or the vast array of things that interest me, to highlight by putting words to “the page.”

What tends to stir my soul into writing are: taoism / spirituality, intersectionality, the struggles and the joys of living here and now in this world, injustice, aging especially in the framework of being in this culture and being a woman. Which all sound so serious.

But if you ask people who know me, they would say I’m funny and silly. And that I love my kid & family, my cats, food, and nature/my garden. All of that you can see on my IG.

photo by me, October 2018

So, I’m setting my intention today. To write about the serious topics that move my soul, but with lightness and humor because I find a balance within that continuum to be most effective in driving home a point. To write with consistency — twice a week would be ideal, but that’s not always possible, so at least once a week. To take my personal goals of being a writer not seriously, but more passionately and with priority.

Hope you’ll find this journey interesting enough to follow and comment on. Because I love nothing more than starting a community and discussions.