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White Light is a content marketing agency dedicated to winning hearts and minds. Our work is based on powerful storytelling, beautiful design and close collaboration with our clients.

We come up with all the content ideas, hand-pick five fascinating people to interview, and handle the writing, design and illustration.

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Cass Phillipps set up FailCon, a place for entrepreneurs to share failings. Here, Cass explains what failure means in Silicon Valley now

Words: Cass Phillipps
Illustration: Mike Hughes

You’re five years old and you’re learning to ride a bike. The stabilisers are off and your dad is behind you, shouting at you to pedal faster and faster. He’s running with you but secretly letting go, until eventually he stops and you take off on your own. That brief moment when you look behind and realise he’s not with you results in three things. First, elation. Elation that you’re now on…

Risk is speeding up, we simply cannot stay still in the middle of the road or we’ll be run over, says Clive Thompson, Senior Projects Director at Willis Towers Watson and Chair of the Institute for Risk Management’s Risk Agenda 2025

Words: Clive Thompson
Illustration: Frazer Hudson/Ikon

The challenge for risk managers today is to understand how organisations are being revolutionised and disrupted by technology and increasing integration, and consider what the risk professional must do to add value in the future. …

Professor Russell Napier manages the Library of Mistakes to knock sense into a financial system that keeps making the same mistakes

Words: Professor Russell Napier
Engravings: ©Duncan P Walker

The heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson once said: “Everyone has a plan until they get a punch in the mouth.” The books we have here in the Library of Mistakes contain thousands of punches that have been dished out to investors over hundreds of years. We set up the Library so that people working in financial services can learn from the mistakes of the past. …

Alina Tugend, New York Times journalist, on the right way to get things wrong

Words: Alina Tugend
Montage: Tony Loveless

In Japanese classrooms, if a child makes a mistake on a test or struggles to solve an equation on the board, there is no shame. Mistakes are not something to be corrected, but explored; the teacher will ask the child, “Why did you think this way?” Then the teacher will find out who else thought this way and explore what assumptions brought them to this conclusion. …

Khalil Rafati was living on Skid Row and addicted to herion. How did he tranform his life and build a multi-million-dollar business in the process? With hunger and intensity, he says

Words: Khalil Rafati
Illustration: Andrew Bastow

Imoved to LA when I was 21 years old to escape a horrific childhood. Both of my parents came to the US as immigrants: my mother was from Poland, my dad from Palestine. My mother was only four or five when the Nazis invaded Poland and ended up in a work camp during the Second World War. My father was 12 years old…

Open data is an unstoppable force coming to the world of finance. Peter Wells, makes the case for UK banks to get ahead or risk being left behind.

Words: Peter Wells
Illustration: Aleksandar Velasevic

Change is coming. The web has made that inevitable. Open will win and open banking will happen. Whether it is here in the UK or in another country first will not matter, as long as we learn the lessons from it in the UK and make sure that everyone benefits from the better services it will bring.

What do we mean by open data? At…

Negotiation expert Paul Holmes on getting your ducks in a row, squeezing lemons and sealing deals.

Words: Paul Holmes
Illustration: Tom Humberstone

M y house is up for sale, and you’re interested. You pick up the phone and arrange a viewing. When you arrive I start by showing you around, asking what you’re looking for, telling you about the local amenities and so forth. We then get to a point when you say, ‘Paul, I like this house. I think it meets my needs.’ And without a mention of cost, I’ve sold you my house. Just like that.

More women than men are employed in financial services, yet women only made up only 14% of executive committees in the sector. Susan Vinnicombe, argues why harnessing the talent of women at senior executive level is simply good business.

Words: Professor Susan Vinnicombe, CBE
Illustration: Mark Airs

One of the few areas where we have seen an increase in women in leadership positions is politics, particularly if you look at Asia where in the past 60 years there has been a dramatic rise in the number of female presidents and prime ministers.

The process of becoming a political…

Play is big business; with its net worth expected to hit $118 billion by 2019. What lessons can financial services learn from its success? Lína Ingvarsdóttir, senior producer at EA DICE, explains.

Words: Lína Ingvarsdóttir
Illustration: Mustafa Hacalaki

Before I joined the games industry, my first job out of university was in pharmaceutical development. I had a fantastic job for years but decided I was too young to get stuck in one sector, so I started working for a retail holding company in business development and research into new technologies. I thought it sounded interesting as I am…


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