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White Light is a content marketing agency dedicated to winning hearts and minds. Our work is based on powerful storytelling, beautiful design and close collaboration with our clients.

We come up with all the content ideas, hand-pick five fascinating people to interview, and handle the writing, design and illustration.

More than comms
This is just one example of the creative thinking that we could bring to your comms and marketing strategies, whether you work in finance or beyond.

More than paper and ink
And while we love paper, we’re every bit as innovative online. Why not check out www.whitelightmedia.co.uk

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Cass Phillipps set up FailCon, a place for entrepreneurs to share failings. Here, Cass explains what failure means in Silicon Valley now

Words: Cass Phillipps
Illustration: Mike Hughes

You’re five years old and you’re learning to ride a bike. The stabilisers are off and your dad is behind you, shouting at you to pedal faster and faster. …

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Risk is speeding up, we simply cannot stay still in the middle of the road or we’ll be run over, says Clive Thompson, Senior Projects Director at Willis Towers Watson and Chair of the Institute for Risk Management’s Risk Agenda 2025

Words: Clive Thompson
Illustration: Frazer Hudson/Ikon

The challenge for risk managers today is to understand how organisations are being revolutionised and disrupted by technology and increasing integration, and consider what the risk professional must do to add value in the future. …



Brain food for communicators in finance.

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