in order from most to least sexy.

^^This^^ or “An eye for eye makes the whole world blind.” You be the judge.

Let’s leave the modeling to the data.

Last we left, the quotes API was able to both be told to create a quote and call for a single quotation. As great as that is, I would like to be able to add more information to the quote in a maintainable way.

The book that I will be…

I’ve been programming in Rails for years now, but have yet to make a publicly consumable API. Especially not one using the built in Rails API functionality. Today that ends. Read ahead as I document building a pretty simple API to be consumed by some projects I’ve had in mind.

with no space to spare

Problem Statement: Given a list of integers with the following characteristics, find at least one integer that appears more than once in the list.

  1. The integers are in the range 1..n
  2. The list has a length of n + 1

Constraint: Space complexity of O(1)

Analysis: The most obvious solution…

with the same set of digits

An Algorithm

Problem Statement: Given a number, find the next higher number which has the exact same set of digits as the original number. For example: Given 545543, return 553445.

Analysis: The most brute force way to solve this is to calculate all permutations of the digits present, sort them…

Alexa Anderson

Fullstack Developer and Code Yogi

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