Glitch shakes CA Lottery

Monday bought an unusually gloomy day for many in the South West as a computer glitch shut down lottery terminals around the state.

The technical error disrupted lotto outlets across California stopping lottery players from purchasing Powerball numbers and tickets for a variety of other games.

The CA Lottery said that a loss of signal caused the issue which prevented lottery terminals being able to generate numbers.

The technical glitch only affected 350 out of 22,000 stores but some of those which had problems were offline for as long as five hours before the issue was resolved late Monday afternoon.

During the period offline, these stores were still able to sell scratch-off tickets but the cause of the problem is still being investigated.

It is not know where the glitch started but the CA Lottery are looking into the contractor who sold the terminals to ascertain whether any compensation is due.

Hopefully nobody missed out on being a jackpot winner or receiving the winning numbers for the grand prize draw that day.

No further technical issues have been reported by the CA Lottery at this time.

Originally published at Lotto News.

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