Lottery News — A very hot ticket

Lottery News Today — Hot Lotto

If you’ve answered yes to these questions you need to grab your Hot Lotto ticket, and check your results online as $90,000 winning lottery ticket is out there somewhere.

A Pop-u-Lotto spokesperson said; “Someone bought a winning $90,000 Hot Lotto ticket in Butte, Montana, at Cenex Zip Trip, in Harrison Avenue. As it stands, we have no idea who it was as it is still unclaimed. The mystery buyer purchased a Hot Lotto ticket — including a three-times Sizzler multiplier — for Wednesday’s Hot Lotto draw.

“One thing we can confirm is that the Hot Lotto ticket was for Wednesday’s draw but we do not know exactly when it was sold. Some punters buy tickets two weeks in advance so it’s hard to say.”

The winning numbers for the Hot Lotto (Hot Lotto Prize Chart) jackpot are 3, 2, 18, 30 and 21 — the Hotball is 1.

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The Butte resident mystery winner will collect — eventually — $90,000 for matching all five white balls, and tripling the $30,000 prize by shrewdly adding the Sizzler option.

The Montana Lottery office sold $28,819 worth of Lotto tickets, including Sizzler, on January 13th and the $90,000 Hot Lotto Sizzler is a second-tier prize and, by law, these winners must pay federal and state taxes on their winnings.

It wasn’t so much of a dent for one Montana resident, who won a $2.2 million Hot Lotto jackpot in October 2003.