Porcupine’s Twitch Extensions — Introducing “Kappa Pet” and “Live Emote Reactions”

Aug 31, 2017 · 3 min read

Twitch Extensions has just been announced!

This awesome new feature allows streamers to install interactive tools, known now as Extensions, either on top of your stream or in the panels below . Being a part of the Twitch interface and not the video, this creates endless new opportunities to get viewers engaged with a stream.

Read the official announcement here.

Porcupine has worked with Twitch in the last few months and we have you settled with 2 brand new extensions right at launch:

Introducing Live Emote Reactions

Live Emote Reactions gets your viewers and lurkers engaged with the broadcast by placing a beautiful flow of live emotes on the video!

It’s a race to the top!

When a viewer reacts with an emote, every other viewer experiences it as well so you can share great moments on the stream together. It’s easy! Just press 1 button to let everyone else see how you feel about what’s happening on the stream.

It can flow in any direction the streamer chooses

When an exciting moment happens on the stream, you can easily see how the viewers feel about it!

PogChamp Hype!

The best thing about it (and Extensions in general) is that individual viewers can opt-out easily, allowing others to still enjoy the overlay experience.

The world is your oyster!

Introducing Kappa Pet

Kappa Pet is a pet emote that lives in your channel. So Kappa is now your pet, and your viewers can interact with it. Sweet!

Don’t forget to ❤ your Kappa

By installing the Extension, your channel receives an emote living in one of your panels under the video. The emote gains experience the more you stream and will eventually level up, unlocking new pet emotes to be used.

Leveling up your emote will unlock new ones!

Your community can interact with the emote by giving it their unconditional virtual love. Love is important, since an emote without love will die and won’t gain experience until it resurrects the next time you stream.

Make sure your viewers love your pet so he won’t die

While the stream is offline, your pet emote will safely sleep below your channel without the need for viewer interaction. It dreams of your past streams. Naturally, it wakes up as soon as you start streaming again.

Awww…. He’s so cute when he’s sleeping

This is just the beginning

We’re still experimenting with Twitch Extensions. We’re planning to add some Twitch Extensions analytics in our dashboard so you can track just how these affect your stream.

Instructions on how to install the new extensions will follow soon!

Let us know what you think and feel free to join us in our Discord server, or reach out to us by sending an email to: team at porcupine.tv — You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.

Let us know in the comments below which Twitch emote is your favorite!

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