So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish

Two years ago, Twitch announced Twitch Extensions and invited developers to build, streamers to engage and viewers to interact on top of live-streams. Porcupine was a D-Day dev — with two extensions released along with the announcement. These were Live Pet and Live Emotes — at the time some of the only apps to allow live interactive experience on a stream!

Since then, Porcupine’s extensions played a big part at Twitch Studios’ Stream On, Poker Stars, the Alienware Showdown and even the Bob Ross Marathon! Hundreds of thousands of streamers chose to use our extensions on their live streams, reaching millions of unique viewers, interacting together every month.

Despite the awesome trends, we failed to find a good business model for Porcupine. Our extensions did not monetize well, and with very few B2B opportunities, we were forced to scale down operations in 2019.

Today, we’re announcing all Porcupine services will shut down October 26th, 2019. That includes all active extensions: Live Pet, Live Emotes and Pixel Hunt. Therefore we are also stopping Bits support in all of our extensions next week.

It’s hard to find the words to express just how thankful we are to every single streamer, viewer and others who supported and believed in us along the way. Special thanks to our friends at Samurai, Overwolf and Twitch.

Until next time,

Ido Tal and Omri Pitaru

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