Streamer Spotlight #2 — Salty But Entertaining!

Over the past few weeks we came across some great broadcasters that we want to share with you. Find out below who’s the saltiest HotS player, what’s the Director of Content Marketing on Twitch is streaming and more!

For the Runners

In our speedrunning corner this time, we’re proud to present Distortion2.

Distortion is one of my favorite speedrunners to watch since he regularly streams his practice and how he learns the run itself.

Dark Souls 3 All Bosses Speedruns /w DLC

If you really want to get into the thick of things and learn how to practice a whole new speedrun from scratch, this is the place for you. In addition, Distortion has got a great personality and he’s constantly communicating with the viewers.

For the Salty Heroes

Next on the list, is the saltiest man on earth, mewnfarez.

A great Heroes of the Storm player and an entertaining personality, makes Mewn a joy to watch — as long as you don’t care about high sodium levels.

Mewn educating the stream

So yeah, he complains a lot when things aren’t going his way, but most of the time he’s right! If you’re a HOTS player, you can actually learn a lot by watching him.

Mewn tries to explain his decisions during the game and gives great advice while answering viewers’ questions. Not only that, he dedicates one day a week for an educational stream where he really goes over every decision before, during and after the game.

For the Fighters

If you’re a fighting games fan, you’ve probably heard of Daigo.

If you haven’t (shame on you btw), Daigo “The Beast” Umehara is one of the most established fighting games player in the world. He has won more tournaments than I can mention here and has been playing fighting games for over 25 years.

Daigo (on the right) is kicking ass in Street Fighter V as usual

In his stream you will find Q&A with different players, tournaments, goofing around with friends and most importantly, top notch gameplay. Be advised that most of the time the stream is in Japanese. However, every now and then they have an English stream and to be honest, just watching the gameplay is more than enough for people who want to learn.

For the Fish

FishStix is the Director of Content Marketing on Twitch, a Grandmaster Overwatch player and a really cool streamer.

Checking harambe memes before match

There are a lot of great Overwatch streamers, however FishStix is probably my favorite. He’s really chilled, his chat is awesome (well duh, he’s working for Twitch), he’s a really good player and he interacts constantly with the chat.

Final Words

Who’s your favorite streamer to watch? Let us know in the comments!

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Look forward to our next review in the upcoming weeks :)