Two years ago, Twitch announced Twitch Extensions and invited developers to build, streamers to engage and viewers to interact on top of live-streams. Porcupine was a D-Day dev — with two extensions released along with the announcement. These were Live Pet and Live Emotes — at the time some of the only apps to allow live interactive experience on a stream!

Since then, Porcupine’s extensions played a big part at Twitch Studios’ Stream On, Poker Stars, the Alienware Showdown and even the Bob Ross Marathon!

Today we’re happy to announce the release of Live Emotes 2019 Beta. It includes top requested features such as custom emotes and new Bits monetization opportunities. Read ahead about the new features.

Head over to Install the new Live Emotes 2019 on your channel

Life of a Twitch Extension

Reach: Today, Porcupine’s Live Emotes serves over 50,000 unique broadcasters every month, reaching over 4 million unique viewers every month. It is the most popular reactionary extension on Twitch today. We’ve worked hard behind the scenes since its release to maintain this reliability.

Engaging viewers: Live Emotes has an interaction rate average of about 13%. That’s impressive, but still shy of its brother Live Pet which nowadays sticks…

From October 29 to November 24, during the Bob Ross marathon, Twitch chat has drawn millions of pixels together alongside (and inspired by) Bob’s art. The Twitch Extension “Live Pixel Hunt” has been active on top of the marathon as well as during breaks, retaining viewers and keeping Bob company until the next cabin hype arrives.

Cabin HYPE!

This is not the first time that “Live Pixel Hunt” has been the star of the show during an event. Previously, it’s been used by Poker Stars during a big tournament and even by Twitch Studios during their “StreamOn” show for an entire week.

Hi players! In the past, you might have known us for building the PUBG Overwolf App and Twitch Extension, “Unknown Meta”. Today we announce Unknown Meta is being discontinued.

We’re really proud of Unknown Meta and think it was one of a kind:

  • It allowed in-game meta analysis of your plays in PUBG covered by a real-time map
  • UM was the first to show a heat-map of informative layers based on other players data
  • If you were a streamer, UM also allowed you to add a real time interactive map directly on top of your stream for viewers to explore…

The “Alienware October Community Showdown” was an event that ran throughout October where streamer communities battled for the most eliminations and victory royales in order to earn a prize pool of 1,000,000 V-Bucks and Alienware PCs.

The hype is building up!


Weekend #1: Oct 13–14

In this “warm-up” phase, players will try to score a solo Victory Royale in order to win 1,000 V-Bucks. Every solo Victory Royale wins $10 to spend on V-Bucks (limited to one per user). A $2,500 Alienware computer + monitor will be raffled among all US winners.

Weekend #2 + Weekend #3: Oct 15–21 +…

Rejoice art fans! In order to celebrate Bob Ross’s birthday, Twitch is airing a 400 episode paint-a-thon starting today and ending on November 18th.


Alongside this yearly tradition, you can now join the celebration by painting pixel art live as a community using the Live Pixel Hunt extension. During the official paint-a-thon, you will see an extension on the screen which will allow each viewer to choose a color and paint a pixel on a shared board.

The “Alienware October Community Showdown” is an event running throughout October where streamer communities battle for the most eliminations and victory royales. Recruit your fans and get them to fight for your community while they can earn a prize pool of 1,000,000 V-Bucks and Alienware PCs!

The hype is building up!


Weekend #1: Oct 13–14

In this “warm-up” phase, players will try to score a solo Victory Royale in order to win 1,000 V-Bucks. Every solo Victory Royale wins $10 to spend on V-Bucks (limited to one per user). …

We got some exciting news coming your way — you can now use Live Pet on mobile to help support your channel using bits!

Here’s a short reminder of what Live Pet is and how it works:

Live Pet is a virtual pet that lives in your Twitch channel (you can now choose between a panel and an overlay). Pets gain experience the more active users there are on the channel. Pets can also level up, unlocking new pets and additional features.

Viewers help pets evolve by clicking on them (feeding them love), or just by being around the stream…

Live Pixel Hunt, powered by Porcupine, was featured a few weeks back for the contestants of “Stream On”, Twitch’s live show.

Today, we release the new and improved version for everyone to use on their own channel!

This new version features a blank canvas board, which viewers can use to draw their own pixel art together as a community. The board could be placed as an overlay or panel to fit your stream’s needs.

Connect the dots! Kappa

The viewers start with several basic colors and can acquire more by using bits, which in return also supports the streamer. …

We’re happy to announce the release of Porcupine’s new Twitch Extension — ‘Unknown Meta’ for PUBG!

‘Unknown Meta’ is an extension designed to help streamers provide real-time information about their current PUBG match, as well as past matches, without interfering the flow of their gameplay or interaction with their chat.

The extension allows viewers to open the current match’s map with a click of a button (overlayed on your stream on Twitch), with indicators of the steamer’s current location on it, where he left the plane (and stopped hearing ‘China #1’ blasted in his ears), where he got his kills…


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