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BeLoved Mother

My Mother (me mar)

Hello Mar,

its your no;2 Star ,.Thought i’d drop you a line to see how you are?

Why so sudden you where taking away from me, things left unsaid i’m forever left unhappy.

Don’t know why I never seemed to really cry? pls don’t think I never said goodbye.

I wanted you to see me being strong, coz to me I feel like your not really gone?’

In the wind you now live, softly running threw my hair, letting me know how much you really cared.

Your voice in my mind letting me know all is fine? or is that just what I hope? can you give me a sign? coz i’v been waiting all this time?

How will I know if that’s really you? will I feel it inside and only I will know its to be true?

Hello nan this is your grandson ,writing so the poem is done we all miss you every last bit all the great times we loved it!

thank you bein great your some body we will appreciate

  • Thomas lee