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Karma drama

Try to live your life charmer

We all live on a wheel that just seems to go round, the older we get the more we seem to frown.

The best thing to do, is have a kid or two

Coz they always will bring the best side out of you.

If you miss that, and it comes to little old you try to remember what it was like to be brand new and trying remember that’s life is a game, then you will not hurt as much in all of the pain

What you should know a bout the game of Love is that the Woman will always try to stay above

All women know what is the real Goal to sign your name and then they get your soul

What you should know on what they all do once they sign your name they will treat you like poo

All marriage does is sign away your rights once you have done this you have lost the flights

What I find is the problems of today, is the women self harm when they can’t get there own way, as for the men is they have a big heart, there woman treats them bad and are all basically tarts.

In the beginning they will do as you say, but soon enough you are just in there way, no longer good enough they will want to throw you away, unless you change for them and just do what they say.

Once they think you have given all you can, that’s when they will start to look for a new man!

You give them all your years and there hearts turn to stone, then you’ll soul will be left out in the cold.

. They don’t want you but no woman can too, there make your head a big mess you are no longer you!

All men are sad by the women they have had, if it’s not like this then they will all just end up mad!

All of the women that make the men so sad/mad when men don’t want them, then they start to go mad, what they tend to do to get attention from a few, is self harm and the worst they get too!!