The next internment: the domestic front in a U.S.-China war
Giacomo Bagarella

Passionately disagree on the precedent here. The reason that the muslim population in the US came under suspicion was racism… and the fact that Al Qaeda had used sleeper agents posing as civilians in their attacks. Making larger western liberal societies suspicious of their muslim minorities by using seemingly ordinary people as attackers is part of the modus operandi of Al Qaeda and ISIS. It’s a reflection of both their larger goal of causing a civilizational struggle and reflection of their lack of conventional strength. Their core strategy is designed to inflame the worst instincts of those countries.

China has the PLA, a navy, an airforce, nuclear weapons… China is not going to be using Chinese nationals abroad as some sort of fifth column. They can fight a war the normal way. China definitely would not want to give the impression that Chinese people living abroad are taking orders from Beijing. Imagine the precedent for all of the other countries with Chinese minorities. As such, I can confidently say that Chinese Americans will not be implicated in acts against the US and thus are far less likely to get any sort of official blowback.

Finally, the basic idea of the paper is needlessly alarmist. The last 3 paragraphs go through why Chinese people won’t be interred, but the article spends far too much time entertaining the possibility. For the Americans who knew the Japanese in the 40’s, they hated the internment. My gym teacher in third grade was interred by the US government. It was a different time.