The One

The workout was going like all the other ones — poorly. He was trying so hard, so hard, to concentrate on the Michael Creighton book, something, again, about dinosaurs and DNA — the usual. But all he could picture in his mind was her tremendous ass. An ass that you could crack the proverbial rock on and get your rocks off on.

So, into a another struggling set of pull ups, she came over. He struggled to look like he was fit, in control, and used to the exercise. He failed utterly and almost fell off the bar. “Looks like you’ve got that exercise ready for the cover of Flex,” she smiled. “More like the back cover of Plumber’s Weekly, “ he shot back with a slight tremor of excitement in his voice.

“Let me show you a few moves,” she responded. The next 30 minutes was sheer misery and she bliss. The misery came in body weight exercises of push ups, dips, more pull ups, squats, and burpee’s, the preferred exercise of Russian Gulag’s — he would Google that later. The bliss came in watching her — a cute brunette pony tail, 5'6" of pure muscle at 130 pounds, tits that strained to be free of her sports bra, and , oh yes, that ass . . . that ass. After 30 minutes, he was done, said goodbye and walked towards the door.

In the parking lot, hitting the key fob, and cursing under his breath that he’d blown it, again, she was suddenly there. There, right by his side. “I usually don’t kiss and burpee, but you need some reward for your effort.” And with that, she slid under him, with those breasts pressing against him, and they kissed. Soft, slow kisses of junior high and Harlequin romances, but kisses that made his dick spring to life and yearn, yearn to lick her ass.

Not even sure how it happened, there were at his house, kissing, and undressing, in the spectacle of passion, humor, and sexual craving that the combination of sweat, adrenaline, and form fitting spandex and nylon can only create. As he pulled off her top, he paused to drink in her breasts and nipples. He breasts were perfect globes with small, tight erect nipples that he sucked immediately. She shivered as he cupped her breasts, one in each hand, and slowly kissed and nibbled her neck, a soft moan and a distant, barely audible, “yes,” escaped her lips. Then, he slid down her shorts, and then world seemed to stop. He pussy, fully shaved, with perfect lips, and a clit that stuck out begging to be sucked. He paused, and took two fingers together to trace the outline of her pussy. His fingers, wet now, were brought to her lips where they both kissed and licked and sucked on his fingers, loving her sweet taste.

Finally in his bedroom, they rolled into a 69 with her on top. He propped his head on a pillow and began by licking the entire length of her pussy while she slowly licked his balls and the base of his penis. He begged her with gasps of , “Please, please, please suck me . . . suck the head.” The more he begged, the more she avoided the head of his dick, now weeping pre-cum. He then plunged his tongue as deep as it could go into her tight pussy while he moved up to fully suck her clit and then back down to lick her pussy. Then, in a fluid motion, that was full of passion, need, and desire, they rolled into a modified missionary. Missionary, old tired, but oh so amazing to watch a women’s full tits bounce and sway with the thrusts of need and wanton desire. She moaned and gripped his ass with powerful hands as she tried to pull him deeper inside her. She screamed and came as he divided 1000 by 2.5 to try and stop from cumming. He didn’t cum . . . barely.

He pulled out rolled her over, and set to work on that beautiful ass. As she moaned and tried to roll away, he slowly worked the head, just the head, into her beautiful asshole. She gasped, relaxed, and pushed slowly back. Slow, steady, and engorged he worked just the head inside that beautiful ass. He loved watching the muscles in her back and shoulders flex, relax, and flex again as just the head of his dick moved in, out, and in again on her ass.

He pulled out, wiped off with a towel, as she sank to her knees in front of him. Now, she too his dick in her mouth, and slowly, slowly began to suck him. The world spun, slowed, and speed up as the cum built up. She reached under her beautiful breasts so he could cum on them, cum right on her nipples. She went faster and faster with her mouth and slipped a finger into his ass, just as he was about to cum. With a final thrust he pulled out and showers of cum exploded on her tits as she jerked him to a stunning climax. The cumshot showered her tits, nipples, and neck as she gasped and tugged. Then, as he caught his breath, she pulled her nipples to his face so he could lick his cum from her nipples. He licked the cum from her tits and nipples and then deeply kissed her with a kiss as soft and loving from a day that closed and began their future.