2 min readMay 15, 2024


BITliquidity Revolutionizes Cross-Chain Trading with Integration on Portal DEX

BITliquidity, the first aggregator for the bitcoin ecosystem, is thrilled to announce its integration with Portal DEX, marking a significant leap forward in trading efficiency and asset diversification for users. This strategic partnership will see the integration of the $BITL token into the Portal DEX, enabling users to seamlessly trade it against native BTC and BTC-based assets with just one click, leveraging the power of atomic swaps.

“We are excited to partner with Portal as they are one of the first pioneers in the BTC ecosystem and we believe that their core values of providing seamless and secure transactions for users is in keeping with our vision here at BITLiquidity, and by partnering this will open more opportunities for our future users as the ecosystem grows,” said Simo Vukmirica, CEO of BITliquidity

Through this integration, BITliquidity users will gain trustless access to the wide variety of assets available on the Portal DEX Network, with optimal price discovery facilitated by the BitLiquidity DEX aggregator. Furthermore, BITliquidity will support pools of their native BITL token on the Portal AMM, creating deep, native BITL/BTC markets and providing users with the safest possible access to the most incorruptible digital asset, bitcoin.

"Integrating the Portal Swaps SDK into BITLiquiduity will significantly benefit our users by augmenting their trading experience with unparalleled trading efficiency and optimal price discovery, all without bridges and their inherent risk of catastrophic loss. This collaboration aligns with our mission to empower users with seamless and secure trading experiences," said Dr. Chandra Duggirala, CEO & Co-Founder of Portal.

This strategic partnership showcases BITliquidity’s dedication to driving innovation in cross-chain trading and advancing financial autonomy for users across both platforms.

About BITliquidity

BITLiquidity is a cutting-edge Aggregator designed specifically for Bitcoin ecosystem, BRC20 tokens, Ordinals and Runes, utilizing security of the Bitcoin L1 blockchain. For more information, visit https://bitliquidity.io, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, and Medium

About Portal

Portal, conceived by a team of veteran Bitcoin and AI engineers, is dedicated to empowering financial self-sovereignty. The Portal Cross-Chain DEX Network is designed to match the speed, liquidity and user experience of centralized exchanges while eliminating the inherent custody risks of bridges and CEXs. Portal is backed by Coinbase Ventures, Arrington Capital, OKX Ventures, Gate.io and many other prominent investors. For more information, visit https://portaldefi.com, X (Twitter), Discord, Medium and Telegram