2 min readApr 24, 2024


Gelios Integrates Portal DeFi to Enable Trustless Swapping of Native BTC with Native Cross-Chain Assets

Gelios, the first community-owned dApp layer on Bitcoin, today announced a new integration with Portal DeFi, the world’s first trust-minimized Layer 2 cross-chain swaps protocol that involves no bridges, custody, or wrapping. The partnership will integrate the $gOS token into the Portal DEX to make it one-click cross-chain tradable with native BTC, BRC20s, ERC20s, and other major L1 & L2 assets.

"Gelios is committed to fostering a thriving and interoperable Bitcoin ecosystem. We see Portal DeFi's innovative trust-minimized swaps as the perfect complement to this mission. This integration unlocks new possibilities for our users and expands the utility of the $gOS token." — said Zachary, CEO of Gelios.

As the first DEX of its kind, Portal facilitates trust-minimized, cross-chain swaps that involve no bridges, custody, or wrapping. The integration of the Portal Swaps SDK will provide the Gelios community with access to the users and liquidity of the Portal DEX Network, increasing the depth and breadth of native assets to trade against.. Furthermore, the integration of the swaps SDK will give Portal users access to Runes on Gelios and other assets native to the Gelios ecosystem.

“The integration of Portal into Gelios demonstrates a significant step towards our joint mission of providing financial sovereignty to all that seek it,” said Chandra Duggirala, CEO and Co-Founder of Portal. “By integrating the $gOS token into the Portal DEX, not only will their users have access to the assets and liquidity of the Portal DEX network, but trading can happen in-app, making it safe and seamless for the user.

About Portal DeFi

Portal, conceived by a team of veteran Bitcoin and AI engineers, is dedicated to empowering financial self-sovereignty. The Portal Cross-Chain DEX Network is designed to match the speed, liquidity and user experience of centralized exchanges while eliminating the inherent custody risks of bridges and CEXs. Portal is backed by Coinbase Ventures, Arrington Capital, OKX Ventures, Gate.io and many other prominent investors. For more information, visit https://portaldefi.com, X (Twitter), Discord, Medium and Telegram

About Gelios

Gelios pioneers blockchain innovation with a mission to transform Bitcoin and cryptocurrency management through the Runes protocol. This groundbreaking project serves as the first community-owned dApp layer on the Bitcoin network, emphasizing interoperability, community governance, and developer engagement. Operating seamlessly across Arbitrum, Ethereum (ETH), and Bitcoin, Gelios acts as a versatile bridge for data, information, and asset transfers. It is committed to fostering a vibrant dApp ecosystem on Bitcoin, employing technologies such as the Runes protocol, Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK), and Celestia Data Availability (DA) for efficiency and cost effectiveness in blockchain interactions. For more information, visit https://www.gelios.io/, X (Twitter), Discord, Medium and Telegram