Movement Labs Integrates Portal DEX to Boost Access and Liquidity of Move and Move-based Native Tokens Across Blockchains

2 min readApr 2, 2024

Movement Labs, the company building M2, the first ZK Move+EVM Layer 2 technology on Ethereum, today announced it will integrate with Portal’s cross-chain DEX network powered by Layer 2 atomic swaps that match centralized exchanges in terms of speed and liquidity without any asset custody or custodial risk.

Movement Labs joining forces with Portal offers significant benefits to the projects being built on M2 and their users. By integrating M2 assets into the Portal DEX Network, the reach of Move Ecosystem tokens will be expanded, championing a more seamless and unified DeFi ecosystem. This partnership also extends to other platforms using the Portal Swap SDK, including wallets, bridges and protocols, adding the capability to offer their users easy buying and selling of M2-based assets directly within their applications. Our collaboration signifies a shared vision for a future where cross-chain swaps are simple, direct and inclusive.

Through the integration of Portal Swap SDK, M2-based wallets and B2C ecosystem projects building on M2 will be able to seamlessly swap Move Ecosystem assets across Bitcoin and other non-EVM chains within M2-based DEXs — all achieved with a single click.

The collaboration introduces Portal’s Layer 2 atomic swap technology to make trading between M2-based ERC20 assets and their Ethereum counterparts effortless within the Portal DEX network, eliminating the bridging requirement. By leveraging Portal Swap SDK, projects in the Movement Labs ecosystem will be able to purchase Move, EVM and other assets, like BTC, without the risks, costs and hassles of bridging.

Movement Labs will also support liquidity pools for both ETH-based and M2-based tokens in Portal’s cross-chain Automated Market Maker (AMM), emphasizing the commitment to enhancing liquidity and trading efficiency.

Read the full press release here.

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