B² Network Integrates Portal Swap SDK to Drive the Growth of Tokens and dApps Developed on the Bitcoin Blockchain

2 min readMar 1, 2024

Today, B² announced an integration of Portal Swaps SDK. By B² leveraging our Layer 2 cross-chain atomic swap technology that avoids the use of conventional bridges, custody or wrapping mechanisms, this partnership is set to drive the growth of tokens and applications developed on the Bitcoin blockchain, but without risking user funds or introducing custodial risk.

Our integration with B² Network is particularly noteworthy as it combines the strengths of two innovative platforms. B² Network is the first Bitcoin rollup based on zero-knowledge proof verification (ZKPs), a cutting-edge cryptographic protocol. This technology enables the verification of transactions without compromising privacy while offering enhanced security and scalability. Coupled with B²’s compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), this integration lowers barriers for developers, facilitating a seamless transition to building on Bitcoin’s platform. By integrating Portal Swap SDK, B² Network’s native tokens and other Bitcoin-based tokens can have access to Bitcoin, ETH and assets on Ethereum L1 and L2s, opening up new avenues for decentralized trading and financial activities.

Today’s announcement follows B² Network’s successful funding round, which saw significant investments from leading venture capital firms. The influx of support underscores the industry’s confidence in Bitcoin layer 2 solutions, signaling a strong market demand for innovative use cases that enhance the Bitcoin ecosystem’s functionality and user experience.

By enabling our seamless, trust-minimized trading technology across Bitcoin layer 2 blockchain networks, like B², this integration paves the way for a more interconnected and accessible DeFi landscape. Developers can now harness the combined power of Portal’s atomic swaps and B²’s rollup technology to create dApps that are not only more secure and efficient but also truly global and decentralized.

The integration also signifies a significant step towards the realization of a fully-fledged financial ecosystem on the Bitcoin blockchain. As more tokens and applications become developed and integrated into this ecosystem, the potential for innovation and growth in the Bitcoin DeFi sector is limitless.

Read the full press release about our B² Network partnership here.

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