Portal Partners with Core Chain to Transform Cross-Chain Bitcoin Asset Trading

2 min readMar 27, 2024

Portal today announced the integration of its decentralized Layer 2 technology for cross-chain atomic swaps into Core Chain, a Bitcoin-powered Layer 1 blockchain for EVM-compatible smart contracts.

The integration will facilitate the seamless exchange of $CORE token, Core-native fungible assets, Core-bridged tokens and Core-native wrapped Bitcoin ($coreBTC) within Portal’s DEX Network. It marks the first time these assets will be made available for one-click, cross-chain trading against a wide array of assets on other chains without the risk of bridges or centralized exchanges.

Historically, assets based on the Core Chain have been limited to centralized platforms or Core-specific DEXs that offer scant cross-chain interaction. The incorporation of these assets into the Portal DEX network dramatically enhances their accessibility and liquidity, opening up a new realm of possibilities for the Core ecosystem.

Core Chain’s infrastructure and applications will incorporate the Portal Swap SDK, adding to Portal network’s global partners who offer integrated, one-click, cross-chain transactions for an array of Core protocol assets and $coreBTC. This functionality will extend beyond the Core community, as other partners integrating the Portal Swaps SDK — such as wallets, bridges, and protocols — will also provide their users with the same level of accessibility to the Core ecosystem.

The partnership between Portal and Core Chain is more than a mere partnership; it’s a transformative endeavor that stands to reshape the dynamics of Bitcoin asset trading, enhancing liquidity, accessibility and security for users worldwide.

Read the full press release here.

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