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Umoja Integrates Portal DeFi Enabling Trustless Swapping of Lower Risk, Higher Yield Assets on Bitcoin

Umoja, the world’s first DeFi protocol to structure low-risk, high-yield digital assets, today announced an integration with Portal DeFi, the world’s first trust-minimized Layer 2 cross-chain swaps protocol that involves no bridges, custody, or wrapping. The partnership will integrate Bitcoin’s first high yield synthetic dollar, USDb, and the native $UMJA token into the Portal DEX Network, making it one-click, cross-chain tradable with Native BTC, BRC20s, and native assets on various chains.

“Integrating Umoja’s smart assets, like Bitcoin’s first synthetic dollar - USDb - onto Portal DEX opens up our ecosystem to the rest of the BitVM landscape. Enabling value to transfer across BitVMs growing DeFi landscape is not only essential for adoption, but will also create a deeper market for Bitcoin native assets,” said Robby Greenfield, Founder of Umoja.

Read the full press release here.

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