Announcing the 2nd Portal Dev Team AMA on Discord!

Following the overwhelmingly positive response to our previous AMA on Discord, we are back with another exciting Development Team AMA session. …

Portal Investor Spotlight: Alex Seyfert

With great enthusiasm, the Portal project introduces Angel Investor Alex Seyfert, a successful investor and the Founder at Threesixty Ventures. …

AMA Recap: Portal DeFi with Cryptotech Community

George Burke, Co-Founder & CMO of Portal DeFi, partook in an exciting and insightful AMA session with the Cryptotech Community.

Here’s an in-depth AMA recap for all those who couldn’t join us for the session.

The session had three segments:

  • Project Introduction
  • Twitter…

Portal Investor Spotlight: Nadav Dakner

Announcing Portal project angel investor Nadav Dakner, CEO of Market Across, the world’s leading Blockchain PR & Marketing firm.

Market Across uses comprehensive marketing strategies designed to help blockchain and fintech companies rise to prominence. …

Announcing the winners of the first ever Portal Project banner competition!

The team here at the Portal Project has been overwhelmingly impressed with the creative mastery displayed in the community! We are thrilled to celebrate such talent with the conclusion of the first ever iteration of the Portal Project banner…

Portal Investor Spotlight: Bilal Junaid

Introducing The Portal Project's Angel Investor, Bilal Junaid; crypto/blockchain enthusiast and veteran and the Founder at Genblock Capital.

Genblock Capital is one of the most renowned crypto capital funds. Based out of San Francisco, Genblock Capital has supported 100+ startups and blockchain/crypto projects. Bilal has…

Portal Discord AMA Transcript

The Portal project is pleased to present this interactive and insightful record of a successfully concluded AMA session with our Discord community, held on November 17, 2021. Our CEO, Eric Martindale, joined this session to represent our project, mission, vision, and more. …

Portal Monthly Banner Competition

In honor of the Epic Designers of the community, the Portal Project presents an opportunity for the community to showcase their talent. Starting in the month of December, every week the Portal Project community will select a winning banner to be displayed on the global official…

Portal Dev Team AMA on Discord

To celebrate Portal’s community growth and excellence on discord, our development team will host their very own AMA to discuss our most recent developments.

When: 17 November, Wednesday

Time: 11 am CST | 5 PM UTC


Eric Martindale, CEO, George Burke, Co-Founder…


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