Great Food Gone To Waste In The Trash.

Greetings all,

My name is Christian and I currently live in Sydney Australia and this post is to talk and hopefully find a way to get food to people that actually need it to survive.

For most of us we just walk to the supermarket and buy this and that or the problem we think we have when two hours is spent thinking about what to get for dinner, this however is a very real problem for so many people and families living right here. There is more than enough food wasted in our society to go around but its just thrown away every single day. I am mostly talking about conference centres, food chains, bakeries, supermarkets etc and I get it, it is 100% easier to just chuck it out than to go through any other process. Even if one of these places wanted to give to the people and places that need it and im sure some do, is would cost to much money and time in terms of staff, packaging, distributing it to the write places and so on but there has to be a way.

I have spoken to many shelters and different organisations for charity and such and i get the same response from them all, no staff, no funding, one guy even said im crazy( im okay with that) but they did all welcome any new ideas. To which im working on starting up.

Firstly to think that hunger and poverty could ever be solved is ludicrous but if we could greatly impact and help the lives of many that would be awesome. If we could start with a small area and find businesses around that could help on a daily, bi-daily or weekly basis and arrange for food to be picked up and taken to a homeless shelter for example, but for this you need staff and trasport. lets utilise what we have in that there are people willing to work for food which will also help other receive it, maybe a program like work for centrelink payments could be good in a system like this. Next what what type of food could we take? most would be the answer and it would have to moved from place to place in some sort of crate so we would have to drop and empty of off to pick up a full one. this if why we would need a constant relationship with people and businesses.

What do the businesses get out of any of this? well without stating the obvious if they could get money from unused food the would but they cant, so something like their name in a local paper or other ways to lets the local community of their contribution would go along way to getting more customers to their shop which is what every business owner wants.

I have been and am planing on going to many more community and town hall meetings with this and I would love to show them that it can work with all the data to back it up, time, staff, cost and worthwhile running a program like this. Its also about finding the right people with any power to help this along, if you are or know someone that is let them know about this post.

First and foremost Thankyou so much for reading i appreciated it greatly.

if you feel like donating a few dollars you can find my page on GoFundMe just search for “” thanks again and follow my medium page for updates and new blogs im going to post.