“No, I’m Not On The Football Team” — And More From The Well This Week

I hope everyone’s week is off to a great start. Here are a few of my favorite recent pieces from the Jopwell community:

No, I’m Not On The Football Team: Why I Chose Not To Be Recruited For College Sports

By rising Yale University junior Akintunde Ahmad

“I hope we can all become more open-minded so that the next athletic-looking person of color doesn’t get honorary automatic membership to a team he’s not on — so that he’s not viewed as an anomaly or as needing another reason for being here.” http://buff.ly/213Ezvz

Why We Need To Talk About Class At Work

By @Marah, cofounder and co-CEO of Shine Text

“The keywords that describe me today are not the descriptors I could have envisioned for myself while growing up. Back then I couldn’t have imagined the things I would accomplish, largely because I wasn’t exposed to the type of concepts or people that define the world I now live in. … We need to start considering hiring smart people from lower socioeconomic statuses and diversifying the class level of our organizations as an absolute necessary good.” http://buff.ly/1PeRjcA

Day In The Life: Meet Giphy iOS Developer Stephen Sowole

By Stephen Sowole, lead iOS developer at GIPHY

“Around this time last year, I got off a plane right after my last exam at the University of Nottingham and saw New York for the first time. It still doesn’t get old. Growing up in the U.K., I’d heard amazing things about the tech scene in America, and the NYC atmosphere and energy that I experience walking to work each morning is exactly what I dreamed of: The skyscrapers, the bodegas, the liveliness, and so many different people.” http://buff.ly/1PeReFG

7 Things You Must Do Before Starting Your Own Business

By Nely Galán, author and founder of SELF MADE

“Have your vision and business strategy ready to pitch at all times. Own your story. If I hadn’t found the courage to pitch myself as a producer to media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, I would never have had the opportunity to run Telemundo’s entertainment division.” http://buff.ly/213LBR8

Coffee With: MBA Candidate Abraham Nuñez

By Abraham Nuñez, Columbia University MBA candidate; former Marine and NYPD officer

“There’s a really large Hispanic community in New York City, and the amount of us applying to and attending business school is disproportionately low. There are too many instances where people are too intimidated to even apply — where they don’t think their test scores will live up to expectations or that schools are only looking for applicants with traditional finance or consulting backgrounds. … Schools need to start recognizing these patterns and acknowledging that the different experiences that minorities bring to the table can be incredibly valuable.” http://buff.ly/1OaOBd3

Jopwell In The News:

Obstacles Facing Women Of Color In Tech Are Steep, And Surmountable

By Jopwell’s Tani Brown for @USA TODAY

“Young women and girls start to opt out of tech-career opportunities when they look ahead and don’t see people who look like them. … To address this, tech execs need to be intentional about creating visibility for women, people of color, and all minorities, for that matter. The answer doesn’t lie in symbolic gestures. It is in focusing on who represents the company internally and externally.” http://buff.ly/1PeMvUw

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