What is your kind of success?

My kind of success “It means no backlog dreams” story.

That I’ve accomplished what I have dreamt of since young…

  • Overseas study with scholarships
  • A 12yr clean CV (Big4 and commercials)
  • Travelled to my top destinations (and now thinking to go my next list after I find a job)
  • Learn barista skills
  • A year career break (after laid off) reconnecting with my friends and solo traveling
  • Healthy leverage/ no debts
  • Enough saving for emergency funds
  • Quality friendships aged 20years
  • Supportive family members
  • Still holding on to my integrity and professionalism
  • How about recent selfies with my idols, Gary Barlow and Mel C? My kind of 20yrs dedication

And I look back at these dots, still trying to make sense of how to connect these dots in the presence.

Still looking for job. When the world demands people to be articulate. How about focusing on someone who can’t ‘sell’ herself well in that 30minutes but let's have coffee at cafe to do some personal chats instead of asking behavioral questions?

In the midst of defining my new dreams.

Yes, my kind of new success (I wish I can confidently and humbly said to my interviewers/hiring manager) that words can’t express how contented I am now after going all out to achieve my kind of success.

“And how about your success story, I will like to ask back during the interview?”