Yes, I Am The Meatloaf Guy From TV

I’ve tried to move on with my life, but a man can only take so much. When I’m out in Austin with my family, or at a bar with friends, I can feel the stares and hear the whispers. You pretend it doesn’t bother you, but you just want to explode.

“Who is that?”

“Where do I know him from?”

The time has come for me to answer that question for you. I’m the meatloaf guy from TV.

Specifically, I’m the meatloaf guy from the Food Network. A star by chance that burned brightly into the Austin night. You were probably tuned into the Food Network’s mega-smash sensation “Top 5 Restaurants” and saw a guy, happily partaking in casual Friday with a Millar button down with a vandal’s smile on his face, enjoying meatloaf at Austin’s 24 Diner. And then I said it.

That’s great meatloaf.

Why? Why would I choose to utter such a simple yet beautiful crafted phrase?

Because that was great meatloaf. Did I intentionally think of something so catchy and raw in hopes that it would vault my seemingly normal life into the local celebrity stratosphere? Of course not. That was never my goal. It’s not about the fame.

Just like Columbus when he accidentally discovered this great land of ours, I too found myself immersed in something much greater than myself. I was an overnight primetime sensation, and there was no getting around it. My life would never by the same.

And that is where you know me from.

I said from day one that I’d never let it go to my head, and I’m still the same old kid from Duncanville, Texas. But it’s tough. Knowing that you’re the center of attention in every room you step foot into is a truly unique experience. But I’m still me.

It’s the life I lead now. A walking catchphrase and a meme amongst my peers. But it’s all part of the journey.

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